Cities Neighboring Hinsdale IL | Burr Ridge

Burr Ridge, a suburb in Illinois well known for its wealth and natural beauty and neighboring Hinsdale, IL. It is home to the largest mansions along with some of the most luxurious lifestyles that can be found anywhere on Earth.

Burr Ridge, Illinois, is a village in DuPage and Cook counties. Burr Ridge covers an area of 7 square miles, with 98% being land and 1% water. Burr Ridge borders Hinsdale to the north, Western Springs to the northeast, Indian Head Park to the east (which also lies within Burr Ridge), Willow Springs southwards and southeast while bordering Willowbrook westwardly as well as having unincorporated areas along its northern border which lie in both DuPage County for Hinsdale's 5-mile stretch or 154 acres before moving into Cook county from 153 acres at Westmont Avenue up until I-290 where it then moves back over into DuPage County again all on one side of that highway but split across two different jurisdictions' borders.

Bur Ridge is a small village in Will County, Illinois. Most of it lays on the Valparaiso Moraine created by glaciers at the end of the last ice age, while Flagg Creek runs through town and provides water to residents as well as animals that graze near its banks.

Joseph Vial built a log cabin near Wolf Road and Plainfield Roads in 1834 where he ran an inn for travelers following The Stagecoach Line, which helped put Burr Ridge into prominence during this time period with his family being actively involved in politics related to Lyons Township's government along with building Lyons town Congregational Church - one of only two churches existing until 1964 when construction began for St Joseph Catholic church just three miles outside downtown Burridge.

Currently, there are three schools and one hospital in Burr Ridge.

Three public elementary schools: Loretto School (k-8), Saint John's Lutheran Church - all grades school, Holy Family Parish Elementary School (K-5)

One private Catholic grade school for preschool to 8th Grade called the Little Angels Academy

There is also a community college with an excellent nursing program that can be found on Glenview Road.

Burr Ridge is a suburb of Chicago and has some great attractions. The Burr Ridge Park District offers tons for residents to enjoy year-round, from classes on taxidermy to concerts in the evenings! They're also home to one of Illinois' largest farmers' markets with over 180 vendors every Saturday morning. It's easy enough that you can get your shopping done before heading out for brunch at one of many restaurants or specialty shops like Mod Vintage Home Decor & Gifts.