Cities Neighboring Hinsdale IL | Darien

The first town founded in DuPage County, Darien, is a small community of 12 square miles, but it packs quite the punch. It has access to two interstate highways, which means that you can get anywhere from here and easily navigate your way back home again in no time.  Darien is approximately 5 miles from Hinsdale, Illinois. Given its location on the border between Illinois and Wisconsin, for many people, this sleepy little town may be their chosen final destination as well, so they don’t have too far to go when the time comes.

Darien’s population is just over 3100 residents with an average age of 44 years young, while only 13% are younger than 18-years old. And because we’re talking about families of all types - there are almost 400 households comprising traditional nuclear family units or single-parent homes.

Darien might be one of the most beautiful cities in Illinois, but it’s also a place that many find to have an “East Coast” vibe. People from all over America come here for its quaint charm and friendly people who are still somehow able to maintain their Midwest values despite being so close to Chicago!

Darien is like something out of a movie set on the East Coast - everything about it just screams independence while maintaining strong ties with old-fashioned Midwestern living.

Living in Darien is a great experience. You can enjoy the city’s beautiful lakes, thriving economy, and exciting nightlife scene that comes with being just minutes away from Chicago!

People from New England came to Darien when the Erie Canal and Great Lakes were connected, bringing with them Andres Neiman, Rapones Capra family. The first settlers arrived in 1835 near an old stagecoach line where they built their homes. It was home for Mr.Capella, who served as Justice of Peace, Town Clerk, and Assessor, among other things; he also established a tavern that catered 15 stages traveling on the same route which had been popular since its inception back in 1788 (near today’s intersection Lemont Road and I-55).

There are about four public schools in Darien, Illinois, and they all offer the best education possible for their students. The teachers at these institutions work with each child to achieve success through a wide range of activities geared towards every individual’s needs. These schools allow kids to grow into adults who can take care of themselves while still understanding how important it is that we help others as well. There are also hospitals throughout the area that provide many different services, including emergency medical treatment when you want it most, as well as preventive medicine against life-threatening diseases like cancer or diabetes type 2 prevention programs too! If someone were looking for an excellent place where people have good health outcomes overall, this would be one such location worth considering because they will find everything here needed from the start.