Cities Neighboring Hinsdale IL | Downers Grove

Downers Grove, near Hinsdale is a small town in Illinois that was founded by Pierce Downer. It’s located southwest of Chicago and has an interesting history, including being the site for one of Abraham Lincoln’s speeches on his way to Washington D.C.

Downers Grove was originally a small farming village founded in 1832 by Pierce Downer. However, the town grew to be much more than just an agricultural hub with its incorporation as a city on March 17th of 1873 and the arrival of the Chicago Burlington Quincy Railroad, which had been extended from Aurora to Chicago through downers grove that same year. The early settlers were mostly migrants who traveled here from places like Rutland, New York, but also Vermont, while some other residents came over from Northern Europe, such as those Blodgett Curtiss Blanchard Stanley Lyman Carpenter families, among others. These original settler’s groups consisted mainly of Northeastern United States people and Europeans too!

The Downers Grove schools and hospitals are the best in all of Illinois. There is no better place to live for families than here, as this town has everything that one could need or want! It’s an amazing place to raise kids because there’s so much room around their house - perfect for throwing parties on Friday nights after school with friends while mom watches over them from her window (and dad grills up some burgers).

Downers Grove, Illinois, has an economy that revolves around manufacturing. Their population has increased from over 5,000 in the 1950s to approximately more than 30 thousand today.

Downers Grove’s current state of growth can be traced back more than 50 years when it was first incorporated as a Village by merging four townships: Downer Townships 1-4.” This industrious town continues its trend and now stands proudly at about 65% residential occupancy rate for both apartments and single-family homes within its borders; this number shows no sign of slowing down any time soon because there are still plenty of new developments being constructed on what remains open land not yet claimed or built out completely!

There are a few places in Downers Grove that make it worth the visit. A great place to start would be Jefferson Memorial Forest, which is not only beautiful but also has many different trails and activities for people of all ages to enjoy-including biking! The City Museum offers some exotic foods from around the world with live cooking demos as well as interactive exhibits perfect for children or adults who want something new.