Cities Neighboring Hinsdale IL | La Grange

La Grange is an area of Chicago, Illinois which neighbors Hinsdale and has an estimated population of close to 15 thousand. This town has served as the setting for many novels and films, including Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.

La Grange is a tourist destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Chicago. With an abundance of local shops, historic sites, museums, restaurants with French cuisine from all over France--LaGrange has something to offer everyone!

The calm suburbia in which La Grange resides is a perfect getaway spot on any day but especially during holiday seasons when one needs some peace and quiet away from crowds. Coupled with its historical background as once being home to President Rutherford B Hayes - this quaint little town will not disappoint!

The Village of La Grange was first settled in 1830 by Robert Leitch, who came to the area seven years before Chicago's incorporation. The village officially incorporated on January 17th 1879, and sits 13 miles (21 km) from downtown Chicago. Currently, it is a thriving town with plenty of shopping centers as well as recreational areas such as parks for soccer games or softball tournaments!

La Grange is a suburban town that offers many opportunities for families. There are plenty of eateries, theaters and parks to keep people entertained all throughout the year; in addition, there's no shortage of social events or classes designed specifically with children in mind.

There's something about living so close to Chicago but not being completely immersed within it like some other suburbs might be, which means LaGrange has more than its fair share of benefits outside an urban location without having any drawbacks typically associated with small towns.

The first thing that emanates to mind when you think of La Grange, Illinois, is the schools and hospitals. The school district has an overall enrollment of more than 30000 students in over 100 different buildings, including 33 elementary schools (some with multiple campuses), 4 middle/junior high's and 6 senior highs, as well as one alternative education program serving grades K-12. With such an extensive system, it might be easy for some parents or prospective residents to feel like they need not worry about finding a good place from which their child can get educated because there will always be somewhere within this sprawling city where he or she could go learn!

It's amazing the roads in La Grange, Illinois, are going so well when they're used by such a variety of people. You've got those who use them for getting to work and school every day, as well as athletes like me that rely on their vehicles to get across town quicker than it would take if we walked everywhere!