Cities Neighboring Hinsdale IL | Lyons

Lyons, Illinois, is a small city of about 30,000 people. The town was founded in 1832 and has since grown into an industrial hub for the surrounding area, with over 140 factories located within its borders  and is approximately 6-7 miles from Hinsdale IL.

Lyons may be best known as one of only four cities to hold membership in both the Mississippi River Cities League (MRCL) and Great Rivers Conference Athletic Association (GRCAA).

Lyons is known as the “The Village of 10,000 Lakes” thanks to its many ponds. This small town has a quaint downtown area and an abundance of natural beauty.

Lyons is recognized for being “the village with ten thousand lakes.” The name derives from all the little water bodies that dot Lyons’ landscape; there’s no lack of enjoyment if you’re looking for outdoor adventure!

Lyons, Illinois, is located on the Mississippi River. Lyons sits at the confluence of three rivers: The Rock River, which flows from westward through Kishwaukee County; and Middle Creek and Mill Creek that flow eastwards from DeKalb County towards their merger with the Rock River just south-east of town near Nachusa Grasslands where they form LeClaire Reserve Waterway--the longest man made waterway system within any US state continuous for more than 100 miles.

Lyons, Illinois, is an affluent city, and Homes in this quaint town are typically modest and valued at less than $7 million each year - comparatively low-cost compared to other areas of the US! Lyons has plenty going on for its residents, too: there are parks galore like Memorial Park as well as great schools such as Lyon Township High School or St John Berchmans Catholic Academy, which offers students grades prekindergarten through 12th-grade education. There are also hospitals that serve this area, including Saint Francis Hospital East Campus, located right near downtown Lyons so it can be convenient for those who live nearby but have been injured or taken ill suddenly!

Lyons, Illinois, is a small town with great culture and an even better sense of community. Still, it has some amazing restaurants for all your needs and plenty to do on any given day! There’s also enough space that you can find peace out at their many nature preserves or by fishing off one of two public lakes nearby. The best part about Lyons? It takes a shorter time before everyone starts looking like family!

The roads in Lyons are the perfect way to get around. Some of them can be a little tight, but they’re all well maintained, and you’ll never find yourself lost without GPS or Google Maps.