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Fred Glinke Plumbing & Sewer
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nick saviano
25 days ago

They were Johnnie on the spot and very reliable. I was very pleased how neat and clean they worked.. I would highly recommend them!

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Paul May
10 months ago

Good work but VERY expensive. Three hundred dollars an hour. Wow.

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McNamara Law Office LTD Chicago
1 year ago

I used Fred for a major sewer repair problem I had with an old septic tank and I was quoted over ten thousand dollars from another plumber. Fred was honest and trustworthy and he did great quality work for a fraction of the cost and I am extremely happy I found someone reliable and who was not trying to scam me. Highly reccomended!!!

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Dennis Loeser
2 years ago

This company is amazing... I went to the basement and when I turned on the light I saw at the bottom of my stairs water.... yikes... I ran down the stairs and saw water spaying from my ceiling. The house water shut off wouldn't turn off and I panic-ed... One call and and approximately 30 minutes latter Glinke Plumbing was there.... They immediately located the leak in the ceiling and shut the water off. That was a lifesaver ... I had many family treasures stored downstairs. All I can say is these people know what there doing and didn't grind me with a huge bill.. The work was preformed efficiently and they helped out with the clean-up. Thank you. I highly recommend this company excellent service and work.

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dan saviano
2 years ago

Our water heater went out and l needed it replaced tonight and Fred Glinke came out tonight to change it. Their service was syperb.

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