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A home is typically the biggest investment most people will ever make. Having a reliable sump pump is one  of the best ways  to protect your investment. There are many sizes of sump pumps and depending on where they are going to be used may help determine the right size for you. Determining where the sump pump will go, will help you in determining the proper size sump pump you will need.  Whether you are putting your sump pump in your crawlspace or basement will have the most significant impact on what size sump pump is needed. Typically, the bigger the area, the bigger the size recommended among other issues. The plumbers at Fred Glinke Plumbing can help assist in selecting the right size for you.  We offer a variety of sump pumps and our experienced technicians are here to install your new sump pump or repair your existing one.

What Is A Sump Pump and how do they Work?

A sump pump is a device used in a home to prevent flooding by pumping excess water away. Sump pumps contain a heavy-duty mechanism inside which pumps accumulated water from the basin.

Most of the time, sump pumps are found in basements, typically located near flooding exit pipes which allow accumulated rain, typically from storms typically to be flushed out of the house. To get the water away from the basement, a perimeter drain allows water flow into a well so it can be flushed outside the property. Fred Glinke can assist you in all of your sump pump selection or repairs.  We pride ourselves on always providing prompt, excellent an courteous service.

Does Your Home Need a Sump Pump in Your Home?

If your home is located in an area that is prone to flooding, your sump pump will send water in to your basement or crawlspace. Getting a sump pump is a prudent move and can protect your home from serious flood damage. During a storm, your sump pump will automatically turn on when excess water is sensed and flush it outside the perimeter of your home.  This allows you to sleep well at night knowing that your home is secure and free from most  damaging flood water. Quite simply, not having one of these mechanisms to pump excess water out, can subject your home to flooding and severe water damage which can lead to mold, mildew and awful odors.

Count on our team of reliable and experienced plumbers to help you with all of your plumbing and sump pump needs. A good working sump pump will automatically turn on when it senses water and pump it outside the perimeter of the building to prevent flooding. With out this level of protection, your home could suffer immediate flooding damage. Flood damage can lead to mold, mildew, structural issues and foul odors.

Two Sump Pump Types

There are primarily two types of sump pumps to choose from. 

Submersible Pump: Submersible pumps are most often found in residential homes in the Chicago area. These feature a pump which is located under water to cut back and reduce noise while allowing more efficient operation. Submersible pumps generally have a longer shelf life and are easier to operate than most others.

Pedestal Pump: Pedestal pumps have an impeller at the base and feature an above water motor.  These are often much noisier because they are above ground and because of that, they allow for easier access for maintenance or repair. 

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