Cities Neighboring Hinsdale IL | Western Springs

Western Springs is a town located in Cook County, Illinois. It is twinned with Rugeley, Staffordshire, and was mentioned by BusinessWeek as one of the best places to raise children. Less than 5 minutes away from the great Hinsdale area.

The population of the Village as well as its twin town Rugeley has considerably grown because it was originally founded more than 100 years ago! In July 1962, Western Springs and Rugeley made history by being the only two towns to ever make an international phone call through Telstar-1's satellite via national television. Nearly 50 years later (2007), BusinessWeek listed Western Springs second on a list of best places to raise children with excellent schools and recreation opportunities for kids of all ages.

Western Springs is a suburban Chicago neighborhood with quaint, high-end homes and plenty of space. It's located along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (now BNSF) between Aurora to the west, Willow Springs Road (Gilbert Avenue), Ogden Avenues Interstate 294 in Illinois' Cook County on its northern edge, and Western Plainfield Road to the east.

The population density here near these train tracks is not as dense due primarily from natural prairies that once populated this area before settlers took over around the 1810s when they discovered mineral springs coming up through cracks in ground about six miles southwest of town which was initially called West Side Park because it resembled New York City's Central Park.

When it comes to the education and health of our youth, there is no place more important for a school or hospital than Western Springs.

Western Springs has one of the best schools in Illinois, where students are immersed with an arts-integrated curriculum so they can achieve their fullest potential as leaders in tomorrow's society. This emphasis on creativity ensures that every child gets all those necessary vitamins required by an active imagination and thirst for knowledge. The local hospitals provide residents with access to some of the most cutting-edge medical technology available today, including 3D mammography, which detects early stages of breast cancer through low dose radiation exposure while still producing high-quality images without side effects such as swelling or pain endured from traditional imaging techniques like ultrasounds.

Western Springs is known for its beautiful parks, delicious restaurants, and mouthwatering bakeries.

Western Springs is home to gorgeous green spaces that are perfect year-round! Visitors can stop by the Western Springs Park District, which features a skate park, dog area with agility equipment, and kids' playgrounds. Besides, it has foodie spots like Taqueria El Nopalitos, where they serve Mexican dishes, including tacos al pastor made with pork marinated in chilies before being grilled, or La Cocina de Claudia's Taste House Café who offers authentic Latin cuisine.