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One of the most important components of a homes plumbing system depends on the quality of the pipes inside and outside. Having a corroded pipe or one that was poorly jointed can cause amany headaches and problems over time. Having bad pipes can contribute to costly water damage and have a significant impact on the overall efficiency of your entire plumbing system. The professionals over at Fred Glinke Plumbing can assist you in your repiping jobs. Whether you need a small section repiped or would like to have your whole house repiped, we are here to help. Convenietly located in Hinsdale, IL, we service the entire DuPage county and many parts of Cook County. Contact us today and we will have one of our licensed technicians come out and inspect your water pipes and let you know if they really need an entire repiping or just a small section.

Do You Need Whole-House Repiping Services?

Learning to recognize the signs of faulty pipes in your home will help signal if your home is due for repiping. This stems any harm caused by damaged water pipes. Below are a few signals, which may indicate if there is a need for repiping:

  • Frequently Burst Pipes
  • Frequent Water Leaks 
  • Strong Odors in Your Water
  • Strange Water Colors 
  • Noticeable Decreases in Water Pressure
  • Significant Increases in Your Water Bill

Some of these symptoms may only require minor repairs, but still should be examined by an experienced plumber. Neglecting these signs can lead to disastrous and costly consequences including mold, new drywall and many other arrays of issues including damage to your household items. Contact us if you suspect your home may be in need of a repiping. 

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Common Repiping Questions

How long does it take to repipe a home?

Repiping a home depends on the size of the home. Due to the variations in home sizes in our neighborhood, it may take anywhere from two-three days to a week or two.   This also depends on how accessible your pipes are. Call us today to arrange an estimate for your home.

Will  my family and I have access to water for bathing, drinking and toilet use while my home is being repiped?

While it does take approximately a week or so to repipe an entire home, you may continue using the pipes until we switch over to the new piping system. We will leave your current plumbing in place for you to make the changeover easier.  If you don't need to be in the house, we can do things faster. If pipes are severely damaged, it may take a little longer as we will have to work around them.

What happens to my old pipes ?

Good question. It really depends on how your home is finished and how many levels you have. Pipes can be left in your walls and attic to speed up the process and keep the cost down. Our technicians will make sure to drain the pipes for excess water and to reduce rusting.  Horizontal pipes can be disposed of rather easily. It is best for us to discuss the options available in your home.

We provide repiping services in Addison, Bedford Park, Bellwood, Berkley, Berwyn, Bridgeview, Broadview, Brookfied, Burbank, Burr Ridge, Cicero, Darien, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Forest Park, Forest View, Glen Ellyn, Hickory Hills, Hillside, Itasca, Justice, La Grange, Lisle, Lombard, Lyons, Maywood, McCook, Oakbrook, Oak Brook Terrace, Oak Park, Oaklawn, North Riverside, River Forest, Riverside, Stickney, Summit, Villa Park, Westchester, Western Springs, Westmont, Wheaton, Willow Springs, Willowbrook, and Wood Ridge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us now for your repiping needs.

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