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Sewer damage is often undetectible by the human eye because pipes are underground. Whether you in need of commercial sewer repair or just need sewer line repair for your home, Fred Glinke has you covered. We have been serving the Hinsdale Illinois community for over 60 years. During this time, we have picked up a tool or two and can help with all your plumbing needs.

Sewer Line Repair

What Causes the Need for Sewer Line Repair?

Most sewer pipes are five feet underground from your house. Sewer pipes typically range from 4" to 6" in diameter and conveys all the wastewater from your home to your local sewer system. Most sewer pipes are typically made of either PVC piping, cast iron, or clay. Clay sewer lines are one of the most common materials used and unfortunately also one of the most prone to intrusion from tree roots.  

Roots from large trees grab a hold of the pipes and squeeze them while seeking water which in turn causes them to break.   When this happens, it causes damage to the pipes and adversley effects he exit flow of the home’s water waste.  This can cause unwanted waste backup from main sewer line to return into your property.

How to Detect Sewer Line Damage:

If you find tree roots while rodding out your sewer, it is a sure sign your sewer lines have been negatively impacted or damaged. This often comes from tree roots or could even be from a vehicle driving over the pipe. Having your sewer line rodded with special equipment from your cleanout or toilet most impacted, can cut the roots out of the way and freeing up the drain temporarily.  

A second sign of sewer damage stems from soft blockage. These could be things such as toiletries, feminine products, or bodily waste). Sometimes this waste  clogs up the drain and often restricts the water going down. You may notice water entering your bathtub from the drain when flushing a toilet.  While this can often be treated with a small hand rod, it could be a sign of a more severe sewer jam which needs to be treated. 
This post explains more causes of sewer line damage you should know about.

There are a few remedies that are effective when dealing with a clogged sewer. Most of the time, these are big jobs because they require digging under the ground at least five feet deep. Having a faulty sewer line can cause an array problems throughout your household. Faulty sewer lines can result in damage to the home,  cause unwanted smells, contribute to disease and prevent proper drainage to your home.  This post explains more causes of sewer line damage you should know about.

Having issues with your sewer lines can cause all sorts of chaos and must be dealt with immediately. Neglecting a faulty sewer line can lead to expensive expensive repair bills.  It is important to have a licensed plumber who is experienced in these kind of things. Luckily for you, Fred Glinke Plumbing has been servicing faulty sewer lines now for over 50 years and can assist you with all your sewer repair needs.  We provide residential sewer service as well as commercial sewer repair throughout Hinsdale, IL and the surrounding areas. 

If you would like to repair your sewer lines with trenchless pipelining, the first step is to start with a high quality video inspection.This is done with our special technology so we can pinpot exactly where the blockage is getting jammed. During this inspection, or trained technicians will take note of the measurements of your pipes. Once we spot what is causing the problem, you will know exactly what caused the issue, where it is located, the size of the pipes that are damaged and will be ready to get a proposal. We will be in a position to order the correct materials. In addition to that, you will be given a copy of the video or see it, so you know exactly what level of work needs to be done

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