Clogged Toilet Repairs

Toilets typically get a lot of unnoticed daily use. With so many people using them constantly, they are more prone to problems. Having a clogged toilet is one of the most common issues that happens frequently with a toilet. Often times, using commercial grade chemicals and a plunger can help solve the problem. Sometimes the clogs go deeper and you need an experienced plumber to rod out a toilet with an auger.  Count on Fred Glinke Plumbing & Heating to solve your toughest clogged toilet.  We provide 24 hour emergency plumbing services to Oak Brook, Hinsdale and the surrounding areas.
Clogged Toilet Repairs

Causes of Toilet Clogs

There are a number of factors that can cause a toilet to clog. Some of the most common causes are feminine products, children's toys, toiletries or bodily waste. In order to prevent a clogged toilet, it is best to use your best judgement when choosing what to flush or not. Sometimes people flush kitty litter down the toilet and over time, this can cause the drain to harden.  With time this causes blockage in your drain and best to avoid putting these things down the toilet.

Consequences of Neglecting a Clogged Toilet

Neglecting a clogged toilet can affect your home in more ways than one. A clogged toilet can cause a toilet to overflow and leak water all over your home causing further damage to drywall below, spread harmful germs and cause mold in the effected areas.  If you notice a slow toilet drainage, it could be a symptom of a clog or even a more serious issue. Sometimes clogs can be deeper within a sewage line and that waste can back up into the home and cause an unsanitary condition. This is why it is important for you to get clogged toilet repair as soon as possible. Our experts have the knowledge to solve these problems efficiently and professionally, restoring the flow to your toilet in no time.

What Are Signs That This Issue Is Present In Your Home?

There are a few things that you can look for if you think that you might be dealing with a clogged toilet. They include:
  • Toilet failing to flush properly
  • Waste back up
  • Gurgling noises after flush
  • Low water pressure

When these issues are present in your home, getting immediate care is critical. Our plumbing professionals can provide you with efficient and long lasting solutions to these issues in no time.

What Are Professional Solutions?

When it comes to fixing a clogged toilet, Fred Glinke Plumbing is here to help.  Our plumbing professionals will diagnose your plumbing situation and help you resolve the issue. Our skilled technicians will use commercial grade tools to eliminate the clogged toilet entirely. We can also use video equipment to detect exactly where the clog is in the line. This prevents issues with cutting into the line in areas where it does not need to be cut. We use the latest technical equipment to diagnose and resolve your clogged toilet.

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