Cities Neighboring Hinsdale IL | Westmont

Located in DuPage county, Westmont is a suburban community with over 11.8 square miles of land and almost 30 total acres of public parks within the town limits.

Sitting at an elevation around 679 feet above sea level, it's safe to say that being near nature has never been easier for residents than when they live here!

Westmont is a quaint village that's been around for over 200 years, and it was originally founded in 1834. It has historical buildings like the Westmoor house where Abraham Lincoln used to go on walks from his home across town during his childhood days with some friends of theirs.

Westmont, Illinois, is a charming small community located about 20 miles west of Chicago near Naperville and Aurora just south-east of Wheaton College, which hosts an annual pumpkin festival every October along with other events throughout the year; such as their Harvest Festival! The Village celebrates its bicentennial this season, so we hope you come down to take part in our festivities!

Westmont, Illinois, is a small town which neighbors Hinsdale, Illinois 60521 with some really great attractions! In the heart of Westmont, there are two rivers that flow through - The DuPage River and Salt Creek. There's also plenty to do in this area like take an art class at Art Center College where students learn about drawing, painting, sculpting or photography; go bowling down Route 59, which has over 50 lanes for all levels of skill (from novice to professional); stop by one of its many family-friendly restaurants including Big Al's Burgers & Dogs on Main Street and Pappaduex Seafood Kitchen; explore your creative side when you visit King Road Forest Preserve for hiking trails, picnic areas and more.

Westmont, Illinois, is a thriving city with many educational and medical facilities to serve the people. There are two major schools in Westmont: Northeastern University, which was established in 1898 as The Gies School of Business, and Trinity Christian College, founded by Dr. James Wightman Cushing, who opened his first school for boys on September 12th 1859 called "The Western Institute." A few hospitals that provide care for this town include Northwestern Memorial Hospital, which started its operations back when Chicago's population reached 100 thousand residents- now it sees more than 15 million admissions per year!

Westmont has always been committed to educating their students locally so they will stay close after graduating high school or college while also providing excellent healthcare options such as Northwestern Memorial Hospital.