Elmhurst IL

Elmhurst was originally known as Cottage Hill and later changed their name to Elmhurst in  1869. The city of Elmhurst Illinois was founded in 1882 and has grown to a population of 46,558 as of 2018.  The town is filled with a variety of establishments including luxurious homes, schools, churches, and many businesses as well as restaurants. Elmhurst is also known for having a variety of hospitals and medical groups including Elmhurst Hospital. Elmhurst also has its own college Elmhurst College also known as Elmhurst University which was established in 1871. 

What is Elmhurst Known For?

Elmhurst is known for being a quaint little town just west of Chicago. The city of Elmhurst has always placed a high emphasis on being a safe, vibrant community. Elmhurst continues to focus on enhancing the quality of life by focusing on things like recreation, public safety, transportation and is well known for their environmental stewardship. Some of the more well known landmarks include the Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst History Museum, Salt Creek and the Elmhurst Park District. There is also the Wilder Mansion where there are many weddings, banquets, and receptions.

While Elmhurst is primarily located in DuPage County, there are some parts that overlap with Cook County. You can access some of the major highways in Elmhurst such as the Eisenhower or 290, the Tri-State toll way, aka 294, as well as the Ronald Reagan or I 88. The zip code for Elmhurst is 60126 and the popular area code is 630.

Businesses Located in Elmhurst IL

Some of the more well known companies located in Elmhurst include: Chamberlain Group, Advent Systems, MedSpeed and the Elmhurst Public Library, which happen to be some of the highest rated companies to work for.

Famous People from Elmhurst

Some of the famous people from Elmhurst include: Rachel Melvin a Soap Opera Actress, Jeff Hornacek the notorious  Basketball Player as well as  Mars Williams a popular Saxophonist. As you can see there is plenty of variety of things to do in Elmhurst, Illinois as well as many different types of businesses.

History of Elmhurst Illinois

The earliest settlers as of record are members of the Potawatomi Native American people who first settled along Salt Creek around 1836. Many European-American immigrants settled there as well on large tracts of land. Gerry Bates established a tract of “treeless land” in 1842 there. In 1843, the Hill Cottage tavern was opened off St. Charles Road near Cottage Hill Avenue. Elmhurst got it’s first post office in 1845. Later on, the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad was planted through the town, giving farmers easier access. These railroads still exist today. 

Legal boundaries of St. Charles Road to North Avenue, and one half mile west and one quarter mile east of York Street. Elmhurst Memorial Hospital was founded in 1926 as the first hospital in DuPage County. Elmhurst has hosted a Memorial Day parade every year since 1918 and even hosts a St. Patrick's Day parade which ironically is the third largest parade of that sort in the Chicago area.

Elmhurst is also home to Elmhurst CRC, one of the largest congregations of the Christian Reformed Church in North America which was put up in 1964 and was also home of The Keebler Company’s corporate headquarters which was relocated in 2001 when Kellogg purchased the company. Elmhurst was also known for the distribution of the famous, Famous Amos cookies.  Fred Glinke, one of the top Elmhurst plumbers providing plumbing service there.